Empowering Youth Employability

ServYouth Foundation is dedicated to supporting learning by youth and young adults around the world. We believe that education and training empowers young people to reach their full potential, regardless of their background, ethnicity, race, place of birth, or experience with education to date.

Microsoft YouthWorks

Program Implementation Southeast Asia

Microsoft’s YouthWorks Employability portal provides young jobseekers with to access online training, career counseling, job placement and entrepreneurial support. YouthWorks teams build partnerships amongst Government Ministries, Donor Organizations, NGO’s, Educational Institutions, Employers, and in-country business communities. YouthWorks connects youths with the resources needed to enhance and develop the skills they need to compete within the workforce. Read More
Launched in 2014 in the Middle East as a full ecosystem to support workforce development, YouthWorks has expanded to 18 countries in the Middle East and Africa, aligned with over 300 million dollars in Donor and Government funded projects. In its first two years YouthWorks has reached over 13 million youths with more than 250,000 learners up-skilled and 150,000 jobs and job opportunities.

In 2016 YouthWorks began to launch employability initiatives in South East Asian nations. The ServYouth Foundation works with lead partners in each country to deliver project rollout training and ongoing technical support. Starting in Thailand and Laos in 2016, Microsoft and ServYouth plan YouthWorks deployments in an expanding list of Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar in partnership with major donor funders including Asia Development Bank and USAID.


Program Development and Training of Trainers

Entrepreneurship fuels innovation and economic growth. Entrepreneurs create businesses and those new businesses create jobs, strengthen market competition and increase productivity by inventing and investing in developing products and services people need. But while a driving economic force, support and training of new entrepreneurs remains challenging. Read More
Successful Entrepreneur support programs share three important elements in common; skills training, mentoring by more experienced business people and access to financing both with regards to investments and access to lending. Programs supporting entrepreneurs in developing nations face even greater challenges in terms of training of less educated learners, and less centralized access to education, mentoring and finance.

The ServYouth team builds on decades of experience in entrepreneur training programs to support the development of new programs and approaches, and to strengthen existing training programs and mentoring networks. We work with public and private businesses, government ministries, business organizations, and other NGOs working to support entrepreneurship and business development.

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